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I only have sporatic access to a scanner at the current time. I have lots of .jpgs and .gifs of Volvos, but most of them came from other Web sites and I'd prefer not to mirror what everyone else has.  Also, I used to encourage people to send me pictures of their cars, but I started receiving 2 to 3 LARGE .jpgs a day in my mailbox.  So DON'T send me pictures of your car.

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P1900 - 26k
P1900 Interior - 38k
PV444 - 28k
Volvo "Special" - 26k
My 1971 142S
My 1800S
my car
My 1969 1800S - 64k 
(before new wheels)
My 1969 1800S - 80k
My 1969 1800S - 64k 
(picture taken by Florian Pries)
My 1969 1800S - 46k 
(picture taken by Florian Pries)
My car and Eric Myracle's 
1967 1800S - 75k
My car and Eric Myracle's 
1967 1800S - 63k
Csaba Vandor (on top) - Balu 
Vandor (below) 
swapping trannies
on Balu's 1980 245 - 62k

A pine tree falls and
crushes my 1800!
Another view
Remarkably, the passenger
door still opens!

ES prototype - 47k
ES prototype -29k
ES prototype -36k
1973 Playboy 
Playmate of the Year 
Marilyn Cole and her 
pink 1800ES! - 146k
Flat Hood Turbo
"Jaktvagn" prototype - 69k
(take note of the hatchback 240
in the background... just think,
Volvo almost beat the 
Chevy Citation to market...  EEEK!)
Volvo 242 
Homolagated Turbo
(not mine) - 27k
Stacked 144's - 44k
The following pictures were taken by myself at Texas Chapter VCOA meet in Galveston, TX April 2001
my flathood
My 83 Flathood Turbo
1972 1800ES
John Newhouser's 64S
Nice grouping of hoods
George Dill's 122 wagon
Carlos Piña's S40
- prepped to look
exactly like the
BTCC racer
How come there
are so many
orange ES's left?
Another view
of Piña's car
my car

Another shot of
my Flathood

The following pictures were taken by myself at the 1999 VSA East Coast Meet in Asheville, NC
(at the Biltmore Estate)

My '83 242DL - 67k
Typical scene in North
Carolina  (a bunch of old
cars parked in a yard) - 65k
Dave West's Vol-camino
(he calls it a 
Fjord Ranchero) - 77k

The following pictures were taken by myself at the 1996 VCOA National Meet in Knoxville, TN
210 Hearse
1800 and 123GT
123GT engine
Dave West's 445 - 52k
The Infamous 
210 Hearse - 51k
1800 and a 123GT - 45k
Same 123GT (engine 
compartment) - 75k
544 interior
1973 1800ES
The Vol-Camino
1965 - PV544 - 25k
142 - 30k
1973 1800ES - 23k
A "Vol-camino" - 26k
The following pictures were taken by myself in Costa Rica in September 1996
164 in Alajuela, CR
Volvo Bus
Volvo Bus
164 seen on the streets 
of Alajuela, CR - 26k
Volvo Bus atop 
Vulcano Poas - 31k
Rear of Bus (note "Turbo" 
  markings and painting of 
Costa Rican matron saint 
"La Virgin de los Angeles" - 26k

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