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Over a period of 13 years, 47,492 Volvo 1800's were produced.

Where are they now?

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Volvo 1800 Chassis List

Be sure to include the chassis number and any other information you want on the list. Include a link to a picture if you want! Also if you know of any cars by number that have been crushed, junked, or parted out, feel free to add them too.  If you are wanting to remove your car from the list due to sale or destruction of car, please leave your info up and refer to yourself as a former owner.  Example: John Smith (Former Owner).

The list is arranged by chassis number. Each 1800 contains a unique chassis number (stamped above the battery, and the last sequence of numbers in the VIN).

Read my FAQ page before submitting please!

If you have any troubles with the database, let me know:

Odds and Ends

There are a number of odd case chassis numbers out there that I'd like to get my hands on:

1) A coupe was taken by an Italian designer, Fissore, and given a new fastback top in 1966. This car was featured at a car show in Turin, Italy that year. Volvo denied any involvement, but they got their hands on the car after the show to check it out (the rumor mill says).  I have seen an extremmely fuzzy photo of this car from a 60's era car magazine.

2)FOUND: 2 coupes were taken off the assembly line by the Volvo design team for prototyping the ES Sportswagon. One was an odd design that had a very futuristic looking rear end and was dubbed "The Rocket" (Ch#26143). The car is at the Volvo Museum in Sweden. The other car essentially is identical to a production ES - called the "Beach Car" (Ch#26142)

3) A coupe was given to the Italian designer Coggiola for prototyping the 1800ESC, a successor model to the 1800 that Volvo never produced. It looks reminiscent of a Porsche 928.

4) The chassis numbers for the several P1800s Roger Moore drove in the TV show "The Saint".  Note: I am looking for the chassis numbers, not the license plate/registration numbers for these cars.

5) Roger Moore apparently liked the car so much that he bought one for his own personal use (what number was that one...?)

6) FOUND: The Playboy Playmate of the Year for 1973 was given an ES wagon - painted pink. I wonder what happened to that car! Patrick Loftus sent me a picture Rob Stel of the Netherlands currently owns this car (ch#4370).  Unfortunately it is no longer pink!

If anyone knows these chassis numbers and the whereabouts of these cars - email me...

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