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Irv Gordon and the 1.8 Million Mile Volvo

The Million Mile Volvo at the 1996 VCOA National Meet in Knoxville, TN

Irv bought his car new in 1966. It was between the 1800S and a new Corvette. The Corvette cost an extra $1000, so he went with the Volvo. He drove it over 1500 miles the first weekend he owned it and hasn't looked back since.

(Irv's car in front of the Biltmore Estate, Asheveille, NC at the 1999 VSA East Coast Meet.)

Irv Gordon #2
I met Irv at the 1996 VCOA National Meet. He is a very nice guy. When asked about his car, Irv shrugs in a nonchalant way and says, "It's a nice car to drive around."

Irv Gordon's 1966S next to my 1969S

Irv Gordon's Engine

His car is almost all original, only a few parts replaced, and it's been repainted a few times. The engine was rebuilt once at 680,000 miles. Just recently he rolled over 1,800,000 miles!

You can compare your car's mileage to Irv's at the VCOA websites IRV-O-METER.

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