1983 Volvo 242ti Intercooler Turbo (Flathood)

Between 1981 and 1985 Volvo produced a turbocharged version of their popular 240 series.

In 1983, Volvo entered a set of jazzed up turbo 240’s in the European Touring Car Championship race series.   To be a legal race car, Volvo had to produce 500 homologated cars – 500 cars identical to the race cars.   These 500 cars became know as the Group A Turbos or the “Flathoods” (because they all feature the flatter hood design from the 1970’s that was no longer being sold in the US).

A lot of mystery and speculation surround these cars.   There is speculation that these cars have special engines, the B21ET versus the usual B21FT.  The cars actually raced had a number of enhancements: aluminum hoods, lightened doors, super high pressure turbo chargers.   The 500 homologated cars don’t have any of these goodies, except they probably have GT springs on them.

But one thing they did have was an intercooler one year (plus a few months) before other 240 turbos.

If you are curious, click here to: Learn more about Flathood Turbos

My car (which happens to be FOR SALE):



224,900 miles
Manual Transmission  M46 (4sp +OD)
Black exterior (has been repainted) with tan interior – back seat is leather, fronts were changed to vinyl, some of the interior plastic bits are broken (nothing out of the ordinary for an 83 240)
5 spoke alloys
2 new tires, front
upper and lower ipd GT strut braces (added by me – not an original Flathood feature)
tinted windows
SONY stereo, CD player.  

Price: $2,500.00 US

Location: Winnsboro, TX (100 miles east of Dallas).

Contact me:  kv1800@cabinnaise.com

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