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I receive around 30 Volvo related email messages per day.  Many people ask the same or similar questions, so I've decided to put together this FAQ.  If you have a Volvo question, look here before you email me.

Volvo 1800 related questions
Volvo 1800 Pricing Guide and Purchasing Tips
Want ads - buying or selling
Parts Sources for classic Volvos
Technical Questions, Mailing Lists, Newsgroups

Volvo 1800 chassis list questions
What is my Chassis number? Chassis number v. Body number
What do mean my car is not a 1967!!!???  (model year questions)
Quickbase (and how to add your car to the list)

General Website questions
Sending Photos
What happened to your Links page?

Volvo 1800 Pricing Guide and Purchasing Tips

Q: "I want to purchase an 1800.  How much do they cost? What should I look for?"

Pricing Guide
For showroom quality: 
Extremely good: 
parts cars:
$12 - 20,000 
$ 7 - 12,000 
$ 4 -  7,000 
up to $4,000 
$ 2 -  4,000 
under $1,000

Remember that it's more expensive to restore a bad car than to just buy a finished car.
The wagon models (1800ES) are rarer and a little more expensive.  So are the Jensen models (chassis nos. 1-6000).
The big evil thing to look out for on these cars is RUST.  The body and frame are unitized, these cars won't last long if too much is rotted away and repaired with fiberglass and/or Bondo.  The rockers, frames pieces, and jacking struts are especially susceptible.  The areas behind the headlamps too.  And on the earlier models, the gas tank filler lid can trap water and rust away.

These body parts ARE available and the rust can be repaired if you don't mind $$$$ - unless you do your own welding.

Engine wise, everything is repairable.  These are not complicated vehicles.

Instruments - these gauges are often broken - but can be fixed for between $80 to $150 per gauge.

Reproduction interior pieces are available.

These cars are cheaper and easier to restore than some.

Buy Bill Webb's 1800 book (loads of useful buying tips):
Bill Webb
12400 Old Town Rd.
Bakersfield, CA 93312

Join VSA (Volvo Sports America) - the 1800 club
$30/yr newsletter - many 1800's for sale in the back of the newsletter.

Look before you leap!

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Want ads - buying or selling

Places that advertise Volvos for sale:

Volvo Classics Interactive Magazine

Volvo Cars of North America has set up a spot on their website for listing pre 1975 Volvos for sale.

Volvo Club of America website

Glen Goodspeed's 1800 Newsletter

Don Thibault's Page

Don Doherty's Volvos For Sale page

Swedishbricks Brickyard

Also, if you are selling your own personal Volvo 1800, you can list it on my Volvo 1800 List with a "for sale" tag.  You will have to supply your Chassis number.  Also be aware that the list will show your car as being for sale until you tell it otherwise.  If you are getting mysterious email inquiries about a 1800 you sold 3 years ago - guess what.  See my List page for more details.

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Parts Sources for Classic Volvos

Here is a list of parts sources for Classic Volvos:
Foreign Autotech 
3235 Sunset Lane 
Hatboro, PA  19040 
Duane Matejka

Specializes in parts for 1800's.

Bob Stein 
Heinle Road 
PO Box 252 
White Sulphur Springs, NY 12781 

Specializes in parts for 1800's.

Portland, OR

supplies for all Volvos, call and request a catalog

Competition Motors 
1307 Rollins Road 
Burlingame, CA  94010 
RPR Company 
559 San Pablo Ave. 
Albany, CA  94706 
Susquehanna Spares 
Joe Lazenby 
3725 Elder Road 
Harrisburg, PA  17111 
Swedish Classics 
PO Box 557 
Oxford, MD  21654
Group 6 Performance 
1634 S. Research Loop Ste 150 
Tucson, AZ  85710 
Don Thibault 
Mike Martino's 
Village Volvo 
751 Trabert Ave. NW 
Atlanta, GA  30318
Bill Eidson 
Terry Crane 
Join VSA (Volvo Sports America) - the 1800 club 
$30/yr newsletter - many 1800 parts suppliers 
in the newsletter.

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Technical Questions

If you have a specific question about something I've done to my car (as mentioned in the mycar.htm page), feel free to send me an email.

If you have a general technical question about your car, why ask me, when you could ask 100's of experts?

There are several mailing lists, web boards, and usenet groups for Volvos.
Usenet News Group:
Mailing Lists:
Swedishbricks - mostly centered around 240s - but open to all Volvos
The 1800 Mailing List (not to be confused with my 1800 Chassis Number List) - dedicated to the 1800 owner - A MUST!
Web Boards:
The Brickboard - all Volvos welcomed


Volvo 1800 List Questions

What is my Chassis number? Chassis number v. Body number

I can only add your car to the list if you include the CHASSIS number.  The number is stamped above the battery (although not always visible) and the number is the last 5 digits of your VIN number.  This is visible on a tag on the A pillar (driver's side) inside the cabin.  Or on your title/insurance card...

The tag above the brake booster/master cylinder is the BODY number and this number doesn't always match the CHASSIS number (especially on pre-1970 cars...)

My theory about there being a difference between the BODY number and the Chassis number is as follows:

Up through 1969, the bodies were produced by Pressed Steel, LTD of Scotland.  As they produced bodies, they numbered them sequentially and attached the BRAKE BOOSTER tag.  After the Jensen Brothers (first 6,000 cars) or Volvo in Gothenberg (rest of bodies through 1969) received the bodies, often there was a lot of HAND FINISHING left to do.  This hand finishing problem was well documented and the major part of the reason that Volvo never reached their goal of 10,000 1800s per year.  The Chassis on the assembly line were numbered sequentially, and they took the next available (i.e. finished) BODY available.

Another possible theory is that Pressed Steel was not shipping them in order.

Starting with the 1970 models, Volvo produced their own bodies.  For a time the body numbers match the chassis numbers, but occasionally the got out of sync too.  But the discrepancy is worst before 1970.

Since the chassis stayed in sequence on the assembly line, the chassis number tells you the order that the cars rolled out the door.

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What do mean my car is not a 1967!!!???  (model year questions)

Volvo 1800 Production Numbers
 Series     Year     # Produced    Cumulative Total
 P1800     1961-63        6,000         6,000
 1800S      1963          2,000         8,000
 1800S      1964          4,500        12,500
 1800S      1965          4,000        16,500
 1800S      1966          4,500        21,000
 1800S      1967          4,500        25,500
 1800S      1968          2,800        28,300
 1800S      1969          1,693        29,993
 1800E      1970          2,799        32,792
 1800E      1971          4,750        37,542
 1800E      1972          1,872        39,414
 1800ES     1972          3,070         3,070
 1800ES     1973          5,008         8,078

total number of cars produced =        47,492

Many 1800 owners who submit their chassis number to the list discover that their model year is different than they originally thought.

Volvo's production year was from August 1 to July 31.  For example: The last 1966 1800S was chassis number 21,000 and it rolled off the line in late July 1966.  If your car was  produced in the spring or early summer '66, it probably didn't arrive at a US dealer until the fall of '66.  By this time other car dealers (mainly US brands) were debuting the new '67s .  So your friendly Volvo dealer was stuck with a 1966 1800S with less than 5 miles on the odometer that had JUST COME OFF THE BOAT. If the dealer would have registered it as a 1966, it would have implied to the customer that the car had been sitting on the lot all year.  The truth was that few 1800's ever sat long at dealerships.  There was far more demand for the car than Volvo could ever produce. Therefore it was a common act for the dealers to fib about the model year when registering the car.

It is only important now to you to know the truth because there are a  handful of differences between the 1966 and 1967.  (Different side trim, door handles, different grill, different rear suspension).  I would sure hate for you to end up with the wrong parts for your car.  This applies to all model years, I used 66/67 as an example.

You would not believe the amount of argumentative mail I receive about this subject!  It's not my fault the original owner of your car was lied to, or that the lie was perpetuated for 30 years.  I have even had people send me their car info for the list, then find out their car is a different year, and then refuse to let me add the car to the list.

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Quickbase (and adding your car to the list)

I have moved the Chassis list database to Quickbase. Those of you who have waited for more than a year to be added to the database will be relieved!

Adding your car to the database or modifying the listing will now be a breeze. Follow the instructions on the Quickbase site.

NOTICE: I have left the database unprotected so that you can add your car without needing to get a password from me. This means that anyone on the net can access and modify or add data. Everyone needs to use discretion and consideration when modifying the database. I will be monitoring the database and if there is abuse, I will lock down the database and you will have to wait for me to give you permission to add or modify entries.

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General Website questions

Sending Photos

In a word: DON'T!

I used to like receiving photos via email. But now I don't. Was it the fellow who recently sent me 49 copies of a 1MEG .jpg file of his beloved 1800E that kept crashing my mail reader? Maybe so…

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What Happened to your Links page?

I got rid of it. One less thing to maintain. Use a search engine or the Volvo Lover's Webring.

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