1971 Volvo 142S badge

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The latest addition to the Volvo fleet is a 71 142S.  This dual-carbureted two door is an automatic.  At time of purchase (August 2001) it had a mere 114,000 miles.  The car has a little rust that needs to be handled and it needs a new paint job.  The nice thing about this car is that it is almost complete.  There are very few missing items.

The car was sitting in a barn less than 10 miles from me, here in East Texas.  After a little work, new tires and new seatbelts, the car will become our "toodling" car.  A car for messing around in.

This is my first automatic Volvo - but it is my 4th 2 door Volvo. 

1971 142s

A Tale of Two Carburators:

The most unique aspect to the car is its carb set up.  Instead of the stock SU's, this car has been converted to a pair of Zeniths.  But these are not Strombergs.  If anyone can tell me the model names of these carbs, please email me at kv1800@cabinnaise.com

carbs 1   carbs2   carbs 3

Also, the air filter looking devices on top of the carbs are not actually air filters.  They are Volvo Penta "Backfire Flame Arrestors".  They also have a Mann logo on them.  Being a Penta part, I wonder if  this whole carb set up came off of a boat engine!

The emails have been pouring in and everyone is in agreement that this carb and manifold arrangement is from a Volvo Penta boat engine. Also the carbs have been ID'd as being Zenith 36 vn's.

One cool part about this arrangement is the tiny intake manifold.  The fuel and air waste liitle time before getting to the cumbustion chamber.

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